MotorKote MK-HL32-06 32oz Hyper Lubricant Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars I Tried It - It Works! August 4, 2008
I had bought a used 2002 PT Cruiser with about 35,000 miles on it as a daily driver and to haul stuff around in the back. Good car, but the engine was benign of coarse & a little noisy, which was a common complaint with them. Gas mileage was so-so, another common complaint. Throughout the next year, I got used to the coup¨¦ being that way.

After seeing a demonstration of MotorKote (using the Timken test for friction) at Summit Racing in Tallmadge, OH, I decided to give it a shot. Within the first 20 miles of that oil change, the engine started to smoothen out. By 100 miles, I was audible range a different noise from the usual engine growl at freeway speeds... It was the TIRE tread noise! I'd never heard the tires on the pavement before, because the engine noise covered it up! The engine became (and stayed) amazingly quiet and smooth. Gas mileage improved something like 2 mpg, and stayed that way.

Let the naysayers say what they like. It worked for me. By the way, you don't add MotorKote at every oil change... only every 4th one. Instead of listening to everyone else's "blah, blah, blah" going on for this, I'd suggest you check out MotorKote's website, and ALSO look up the Timken (as in Timken Bearings) friction test for lubricants. It's legit... I checked.

5.0 out of 5 stars Yes, this stuff really does work! August 27, 2010
This is a product that everyone should use in any engine or machine that produces friction or wear. I have personally seen this demonstrated by the original owner and inventor. He put this in an engine and later drained the oil and left the plug out. He then started and ran the engine for at least an hour at full throttle and it ran perfectly. Try that with your expensive synthetic oil I dare you. Just dont't do it contained by anything that you plan on using after about five minutes. You will promptly have a cash for clunker engine to donate to a local junk yard. Seeing is believing!

4.0 out of 5 stars Motorkote works ! October 17, 2007
I was referred to this product by a friend in the long haul trucking business who used it for 2 months before telling me in the region of it. He started getting fuel mileage before use around: 5.7 MPG loaded w/about 30k average and approx 6.8 MPG empty miles. Since using Motorkote in his engine, transmission and rear end as directed by the manufacturer in amounts, he has increased his loaded miles to approx 7.6 MPG w/approx 30k within weight and close to 9.3 MPG on empty miles. Now this is a long haul big truck/tractor trailer. Imagine what it can do for your car. I personally own a GMC 3500 dually w/a detroit diesel. I run Motorkote in the engine and tranny alone, still have to put in in the reverse end and differentials yet, but I was averaging (unladen) approx 13.7 MPG overall (town and highway) now I've been averaging closer to 15.8 between both rates. So it has to be working. MK bonds to the metal, unlike slick 50 and Lucas, so it eases friction, which makes the motor work less knotty, therefore saving you fuel mileage. You only need to add it approx every 4 months per the manufacturer too. So it's not expensive like that.

I'd recommend it to everyone that wants to save money at the pumps, 2 MPG really add up over a years time and will save you alot more than you'll spend on MK, that's for sure !

Enjoy and lets stick it to the oil cartels as much as possible ! You know they are giving it to us w/every gallon we buy !

5.0 out of 5 stars Great stuff December 28, 2007
I use this for all our motors from the 'Big Truck' to the lawn mower. It has save us from a larger expense after our hose hose broke on the big truck in downtown rush hour traffic. We were able to run the truck (even though it was over heating) long enough to get out of traffic and to a safe place on the side of the road. The engine didn't suffer any damage from this . It really saved us from a tow bill and a big engine repair bill. THANK YOU MOTORKOTE!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Its the real traffic! April 24, 2010
I have used Motorkote in all of my cars, lawnmowers and four-cycle weed eater for the last two years. All run noticeably quieter and cooler. I have noticed about a 2 mpg improvement. One sports car I use it in is a 1986 Chevy Celebrity with a four cylinder motor. This car purrs right along the highway at 70+ mph and runs smooth at that speed- for a four cylinder. My riding mower is a 20 horsepower twin cylinder. After a day of mowing in the summer heat, I can place my hand on top of the motor right after shutting it off. Warm yes, but not burning. I could not do that minus Motorkote.

When adding to an engine for the first time, it will take some time to get worked in completely. About 50 to 60 miles I would say. You will notice a difference right away, then you will notice a gradual decrease surrounded by noise and vibration thereafter. If adding to a brand-new engine, add only after the first oil change.

I have noticed increased power surrounded by my cars and mowers using Motorkote. All run quieter and smoother. Not as much vibration as before. My cars start much easier in the winter now. Even at -10 F. Per the manufacturer, I put more in my engine after the fourth oil change. 2 ounces per quart.

I also use Motorkote in the transmissions of my cars. I notice smoother shifting and not pushing as hard on the accelerator as I used to. (It takes less power to move the car!) I also noticed less noise and vibration from the car as a undamaged. The cars also coast farther. I especially noticed this after slowing down from highway speeds. As well as more power at acceleration. I replace Motorkote every year in my transmissions. 2 ounces per quart of fluid.

Definitely could be used for racing or performance motors.

Motorkote is a universal lubricant. It can be used in anything that uses oil. For example, rear ends of pickups and trucks, nouns compressors, motorcycles, boats. It can also be used on door hinges, door locks, lawnmower blades and any other place you would use oil.

Motorkote is not an oil additive. It will not void the manufacturer's warranty. It uses the oil it is added into to travel to the metal and bond its self to. It does not change the viscosity of the oil. It bonds at the molecular level. It sticks contained by whatever it is in up to a year or the fourth oil change, whatever comes first.

This stuff is the real deal. And is not a gimmick hyped up by feel good gobbledygook or "expert testimony". This stuff beats the tar out of any other additive on the market not by a little, but by a lot.

This would be especially useful to those who start and stop a lot or for heavy duty vehicle. One bottle works for your lawnmower, car and truck. No different blends or formulas.

The only small negative I can say about it is that the cars take a little longer to warm up in the winter. So I own to wait a little longer for warm air than I used to.

Check out their web site for further details.

3.0 out of 5 stars 3 tanks later June 2, 2007
I put this in my new (purchased 4/16/07 near a full tank) Toyota Camry with a V-6 & 6 speed auto at around 2,000 miles on the clock. Brand new car. I now have around 3,200 on the car.

I bought the motorkote on 4/26 & put in 10 oz. around 5/10/07

The avg mpg for all fill ups since unmarked:
5/3/07-26.88; 5/8/07-24.53; 5/13/07-24.33; 5/18/07-25.44; 5/23/07-25.55--this tank was an ethanol blend.

Driving was all about the same i.e 60% highway.

I cannot say anything about how well it protects the engine but
I own seen no benefits in mileage.

Something really important would have to happen to convince me I should use this product forever. Hope I didn't ruin the engine but then, I did get the extended warranty :)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Stuff August 28, 2010
MotorKote is one of the markedly toip products classed as additives. Not only will you motor last longer but will gain a few mile on your MPG rating.

5.0 out of 5 stars This crap really works! March 17, 2007
I tried this wonderful stuff in my 1993 GMC Sierra 3500 with a 454, and now I get 15 MPG on the interstate at 75 MPH, and my acceleration has superior dramatically. Cold starts are easier, and the product paid for itself when I had had to commute 700 miles round trip for a few weekends to attend a class. This is the first product of its kind that I have been impressed with, ever. I recommend it highly.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Additive I have tried so far MotorKote August 15, 2010
I have used MotorKote for over 3 years on the following Cars: BMW 735i 1991 model, Vauxaul Astra 1.4 1995 model, Chevrolet Lacetti 1.4 2005 model and on Ford Focus 1.6 1999 model. All cars are running much smoother and the top end speed has
increased by 5 to 8 miles. On cold start you can be aware of the difference. I recommend highly and should be tried on new and
old cars. I rate this additive top marks.


A Stewart

5.0 out of 5 stars MotorKote Review November 2, 2008
While looking for an item having superior anti-wear (ie: longer engine life) & increased gas mileage charecteristics, I spoke to Duralube who told me of Motorkote which they also make. I put it in my 96 Olds Aurora (250hp Northstar V-8) & my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix (260hp V-6) & noticed within 1 tank of gas 2 differences. #1 I check my gas mileage every tank of gas & it appears to abet about 10% around town, but I cannot be sure of this until I check it over a longer period of time. #2 Every car has its own particular sound & you know if it sounds different. Both cars now seem quieter, like they are kaput as hard as before Motorkote was added. FYI I also use synthetic oil.

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